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Phoenix, AZ
Ragtime Uke with Female Vocals,
Fret Buzz Done Right and
only one Cheesey Reggae Cover


Lisa Denny and Tosh (Duet with Uke)
Far Away

Max (Martin D16M Guitar)
flowy jam and La Malagueña Medley

Lisa Denny and Tosh (Duet with Uke)
Truckin My Blues Away/What's That Smells Like Fish/Blind Boy Fuller Medley

Lisa, Tosh, Mark (Trio with Uke, Guitar)
No Woman, No Cry

03/17/2016 (St. Patricks Day)
Tempe, AZ

Spend St. Patricks Day with the spangers
when your old friend and mine hitches into town.
Dirty Kids Drink some 80s classics away

Tre (Guitar and Vocal)

Let's Go Surfing
Kharma Chameleon
Everything Counts in Large Amounts
Money Grabber
When We're Dancing

Phoenix, AZ
----If the drums with brass jam don't do it for you,
wait til you hear the Carnival Dance Punk.
"Because if I'm gonna play a genre, I'm gonna make it up."
Andres(Guitar and Vocal)
Unknown Original

Andres and Co (dejembe, hand drums, sax)
Phil Collins Mission Impossible Medley

Medicine Cabinet Candy
(Clarinet, Sax, Drum, Hand Drums, Bass, Vocal)

- Stampede at the Petting Zoo

Somber Love Songs

Phoenix, AZ
All Acoustic Episode Center Around Heart
Unknown Guitarist (Guitar and Vocals)
Fly Me To The Moon
That'll Be the Day
Rosas Rojas Letra

Kiana (Guitar and Vocals)
Love Song

Johnny (Guitar and Vocals)
Whipping Post

Unknown Players(Guitar Duet and Vocals)
Blues Jam "I Will Never Cry (Over Love)"
Jam "I Will Never Cry" Reprise

Not an AirBender

Max Mason from San Mateo Does a short freestyle for this minor episode



Bootleg Polka

Louisville, KY
I pirated this band playing in public on International Talk Like a Pirate day
 - please don't sue me.


The Rheingold Band
- Who the Hell is Alice?
- Unkown German Polka Song
- Polka Interlude


Six String Cabana

Memphis, TN
Recorded on Locatio at the Java Cabana Open Mic

Will Adams
Clean My Room

Sande Lollis
Learned to Crawl

Bubba Grey

I Hang My Head
Sister Back Home

Annie Mae

My Kind of Pine

Little Difficult

9/21/18 - 9/23/18
New Orleans, LA

Cost of Production: $14 and a Tall Boy


Eight Dice Cloth



Tip Jar Junkies

Buggie Drivin' Baby


Joe Cull & Thomas Wells


Trash B and Rose James


One Way Track (On My Own) / My Wonderin


Going' Home (No More to Roam)

All Hail the Broken Family

South of Congress

Austin, TX

I join two regulars musicians on the streets of South Austin.
See one on a giant mural and another in an upcomming Bill Murray documentary.

This episode is mostly sad cowboy music.


- Unknown Song ('Into the Setting Sun')
- Don't Think Twice
- Situation Hypocritical

James Anthony Johnson

- Captain Dallas
Some Chit Chat
- Foolin Around

Split Decision

9/29/2018, 10/6/2018
San Antonio, TX
Tuscon, AZ


Jordan Anthony
The Pearl

 Guitarist in Party Piece

Martel Bird
Historic 4th Ave



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