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03/17/2016 (St. Patricks Day)
Tempe, AZ

Spend St. Patricks Day with the spangers
when your old friend and mine hitches into town.
Dirty Kids Drink some 80s classics away

Tre (Guitar and Vocal)

Let's Go Surfing
Kharma Chameleon
Everything Counts in Large Amounts
Money Grabber
When We're Dancing

Phoenix, AZ
Ragtime Uke with Female Vocals,
Fret Buzz Done Right and
only one Cheesey Reggae Cover


Lisa Denny and Tosh (Duet with Uke)
Far Away

Max (Martin D16M Guitar)
flowy jam and La Malagueña Medley

Lisa Denny and Tosh (Duet with Uke)
Truckin My Blues Away/What's That Smells Like Fish/Blind Boy Fuller Medley

Lisa, Tosh, Mark (Trio with Uke, Guitar)
No Woman, No Cry

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